McKays Employment Law and WHS Team can look after you and help you every step of the way when you have an employment or workplace issue.

We can help you when you are considering a contract offering employment, you have to deal with a problem in the workplace or when you are leaving a job, voluntarily or otherwise.

The McKays Employment Law and WHS Team can look after your employment law or work health and safety issues including:

  • Unfair Dismissal and General Protections – advise and represent you in the Fair Work Commission or Queensland Industrial Relations Tribunal at mediations, conciliations and hearings;
  • Discrimination and harassment – advice as to your rights and assistance with your case including representation in conciliations and in the Tribunals;
  • Employment contracts and ancillary agreements – helping make sure you get a fair deal;
  • Redundancy, relocation and redeployment – helping you protect your rights;
  • Awards – advice and assistance to ensure you get what you are entitled to;
  • Enterprise Bargaining and collective agreements – explaining the process and assisting you with negotiations;
  • Restraint of trade clauses – advising you whether restraints are enforceable and protecting you against breach;
  • Workplace policies – making sure your rights are protected and how to ensure they are;
  • Work Health and Safety – looking after your interests (as opposed to those of your employer) in workplace investigations and prosecutions.

Employer's Survival Kit

Employment Law issues can pose risks to any business. Innovative solutions are now required to minimise these risks from problems arising in the workplace. McKays' Employer's Survival Kit provides practical advice and recommendations for your business and gives you the opportunity to receive training sessions, telephone advice, reviewing and maintaining of employment contracts and much more.

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  • The penalty increase is on


    In March of this year, we reported on an important decision about increased work health and safety fines in Queensland. This followed the District Court of Queensland’s decision in Williamson v VH & MG Imports Pty Ltd [2017] QDC 56. In that decision, the District Court of Queensland held tha..

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  • Casual workers will have the right to demand a permanent full-time or part-time job after 12 months


    In an important decision by the Fair Work Commission (FWC), the FWC has decided to insert a provision for the conversion of casual employment to full-time part-time employment into all Awards. The decision was part of the FWC’s 4 yearly review of Awards. Some awards already contain a c..

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  • To pay or not to pay, that is the question?


    During the recent weather events many businesses shut, resulting in employees being sent home and not being able to return to work for a few days. A question we are hearing from employers is;“Do we have to pay the staff?”. Similarly, we have had friends (employees) ask us, “Isn’t it si..

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  • Tattoos in the workplace


    A recent story carried by many news outlets has put the spotlight on tattoos in the workplace. Chontelle McGoldrick, a 21 year old woman applied for a job with Qantas and Emirates. Her application was rejected because of a small tattoo about 2cm across on her ankle. She was told that if she..

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  • Fair Work Commission rules to reduce Sunday and public holiday penalty rates for some workers


    The long awaited decision by the Fair Work Commission was handed down yesterday as part of its 4 yearly review of awards and penalty rates. The FWC decided to reduce Sunday penalty rates and public holiday penalty rates in awards covering the hospitality, retail, fast food and pharmacy sectors. ..

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